Nightlife Predictions in New York for 2010

Whether 2010 is going to be the year you save your money or splurge on the good life, there’s always one money-spending temptation for New Yorkers that seems to grow stronger as the years pass. New York nightlife is an important  part of the city; where to go, how to get noticed, the best cocktails, the most lavish lounges, or the loudest dance music. Now we take a look ahead to see what nightlife experts predict for 2010.

When Eater asked nightlife experts their opinions on the upcoming year in terms of New York nightlife and how it could be improved upon, the answers were quite varied, indicating the insurmountable options that 2010 could have in store for the Big Apple. Exciting as it is, let’s first take a look at what they said before we strap on our stilettos and hit the town.

Michael Satsky, Provocateur: “I predict that New Yorkers will become more influenced by House music and engage in a more international culture. In 2010, If you’re going to build something make sure it’s intended to conceptually impact the industry.”

Matt Levine, The Eldridge, Levant East: “The continued growth of The Lower East Side, and I want to see operators, and owners relying on themselves, their brand, their product, and their team to build their customer and guest base, rather than rely on promoters.”

Steven Kamali, nightlife real estate guru: “Looking forward to Artichoke Pizza, Talbot at The Mondrian, and Colicchio’s reincarnation of Craft Steak. On making nightlife stronger: Operators banding together to eliminate the Community Board process altogether.”

Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte, The Smile, The Jane Ballroom: “Looking forward to the when the Ballroom at The Jane reopens. In 2010 – Mix it up. Mix it all up.”