New Name for the former Bank of America Tower

For locals as well as Miami fans around the world, the former Bank of America Tower at International Place has long been a part of the city. Much like the Chrysler building is to New York or the Hollywood sign is to Los Angeles, the former Bank of America Tower is an icon to the city’s skyline and a cherished memory in the eyes of those who have taken up residence in the beautiful city.

Business enthusiasts may be interested to know that Fairchild Partners, the leasing and marketing agency for the tower, is currently seeking a new partnership for the naming rights. Designed by I.M. Pei the tower has been a landmark to the city since it’s opening. Tony Puente, Senior Vice President of Fairchild said the tower is still a fixture in the promotional credits of the television show CSI Miami.

A good selling point is that the tenants love this building because of its location. Who wouldn’t want to be centrally located in all the action of the water locked city? In fact, in 2009 the buildings location helped secure 62,000 square feet of leasing space, and renew a contract with UBS Financial Services for 34,536-square-feet. The renewal is valued at $7.5 million over a five-year term.

No news yet on who the potential buyers are but the word is out for anyone interested. As for now, I guess that Miami residents can start getting use to the idea of calling it something else.

Via: The Real Deal