Usher is Reminded Why You Should Never Leave Valuables In Your Car

It has always been common sense to most to not leave any valuables in your car unattended. Obviously, R&B singer, Usher, did not get the memo. According to a police report in Atlanta, more than a million dollars in jewelry and electronics were stolen from Usher’s black GMC Yukon on December 14, across from Atlanta’s Lenox Mall. The car was broken into while the singer went into an AT&T store. In addition to jewelry, $50,000 in furs and clothing and around $20,000 in cash were stolen. We know Usher is famous for his extensive shoe collection and love for fashion, but why keep so much of it in your car? A witness says they saw a tinted Chevy Impala drive up to the SUV, but the investigation is still in process.

Via: Luxist