Ferran Adrià Seeks Funding for El Bulli

Just recently, Ferran Adrià announced El Bulli’s two-year hiatus…However, what he didn’t take into consideration was how he would fund the famously fully-booked restaurant off the Catalan coast. Looking for new ways to keep the restaurant afloat, he revealed to the Wall Street Journal he’d be willing to give up naming rights for a good price.

“It could be called El Bulli ‘X’ or whatever. It’s possible we’ll attach El Bulli to another brand,” says Adrià.

The three Michelin Star Ell Bulli is known for creating dishes like turtle dove with blackberry caviar and duck foie gras candies. The hub of molecular gastronomy, it’s famous for deconstructing dishes and turning foam into a culinary art form. At the Madrid Fusion gastronomic fair, Adrià announced plans to close El Bulli for all of 2012 and 2013 and will reopen in 2014. The molecular gastronomy king says he needs to reevaluate the direction of his establishment and develop a new catalog of recipes.