Feldo Luxury Timepiece

Feldo Luxury might seem like a new name in the states, but it is actually very popular among the European market.  The German-Spanish company works upon the motto, “Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognized.” Their uber-luxe dual carbon fiber disc time indicating systems, Feldo 1-1 R/B and 1-2 B/B watches truly showcase the brand’s ideals. All of their timepieces are exclusively crafted using precision machinery in the hands of experienced specialists. They are also made from the world’s thinnest carbon fiber plates. The intricately designed hands are cut from high strength medical steel with an 18 karat red gold-plated surface. It will set you back $4,000, but are totally worth it. Each watch comes with two wrist straps (black and white) along with a piano lacquer-covered Feldo-Box and a certificate of authenticity.

Via: Born Rich