Beckham’s Pup Gets VIP Treatment

You may have heard about the world’s luckiest dogs such as Paris Hilton‘s chihuahua that gets to wear diamonds, or Hillary Duff’s pooch that goes to “dog therapy” and “dog spas,” but the latest in puppy pampering news was none other than David Beckham‘s adorable English bulldog, a precious Christmas gift from Victoria. This pooch was flown first class to their Los Angeles home by the pet transportation company, PetAir. The Beckhams dished $3,300 for the puppy’s ticket to make sure he traveled comfortably. The journey began with a meal at the home of celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, who had been keeping the dog until the new year and wanted to adopt him. PetAir’s Gold Standard includes an airline ticket, custom-made wooden travel container with bedding and water, a pre-travel health exam and one night in the care of a veterinarian.

Via: Luxury Launches