World’s Most Expensive Bath

If you work tirelessly to make enough money to support your family, lavish homes, cars, yachts, and jets, well then you might want to take the world’s most expensive bath to relax your stresses away. Only offered to a lucky few, the ME! Bath Ice Cream company’s “The Eighth Continent” bath (which channels the likes of Cleopatra) costs a staggering $50,000. Why? This luxury bath starts with a water that is a combination of glacier water and Hawaiian deep-sea water, and then uses ingredients like Arabian Sidr Honey, Peruvian Pink Salt, Illipe Butter from Borneo, Murumuru Butter from the Amazon, Kokum Butter from India, Israeli Jojoba Oil, and 24-karat gold.

Proceeds from each sale of this luxe bath experience will be donated to a selected charity that helps to provide clean water to struggling third world countries. The bath is delivered in a lovely handcrafted Sterling Silver, diamond encrusted masterpiece designed by the finest craftsmen.

Via: Luxury Launches