$1.15 million Degas Painting Stolen in France

French police are continuing their search for a Degas painting which was stolen from a Marseilles museum sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

Titled Les Choristes, or The Chorus, the missing painting by impressionist Edgar Degas is worth $1.15 million according to Marseilles Police Commissioner Xavier Claudel. Investigators are meticulously searching through surveillance camera footage for clues to what happened to the extremely valuable and popular work of art. The Chorus is a 1877 pastel which was on “loan to the Musee Cantini from the Musee d’Orsay in Paris for an exhibition.” The museum discovered that it was missing when it opened on Thursday morning.

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has noted that Degas’ style, subject matter, and “artistic sensibility” set him apart from his contemporaries. Degas died in 1917 at age 83.

Marseille deputy mayor Daniel Hermann speaks to journalists in front of the entrance of Cantini Museum in Marseille