The Cremina: An Haute Lifestyle Espresso Machine

For those of us that get through the day purely based on the first cup of warm morning coffee, small espresso machine manufacturer, Olympia Express, have created an overhauled version of the Cremina, a lever-operated machine which is truly an haute addition to any chic lifestyle.

Olympia Express has been maintaining itself as a highly esteemed small espresso machine manufacturer for almost 80 years. The company was recently acquired by a German retired banker who has been welcomed as an inspirational addition to their highly reputable brand which produces unique masterpieces that people around the world wake up to each morning with a smile on their face in anticipation of the delightful cup of espresso that is coming their way.

Olympia Express has recently overhauled their already extremely popular Cremina machine to be an equally high quality elaborate lever-operated espresso maker. The Cremina was selected as “the best espresso machine in the world” by the New York Times in the mid 1960s and the overhauled version is quickly establishing a similar reputation of perfection, sip by sip.

The Cremina is a classic lever-operated espresso machine which works with the proven pre-infusion piston system. This system involves a lever lifting to draw a small amount of water into the piston chamber before forcing it into the pressed ground coffee for expansion. By lowering the lever, hot water is forced through the ground coffee guaranteeing a perfect espresso with a composition of crema, smell, and taste to please all of the senses.

The entire inside of the machine is made from stainless steel, chrome, and brass. The delicate steam nozzle and steam wand are made of brass and chromed and polished to a high gloss to increase the longevity of the machine and make cleaning it easier on you. The electric boiler is made of chrome steel and can be filled to a capacity of 3.8 pints (20 cups of espresso) by simply opening the top. In addition, the machine won’t over heat due to a high performance tubular heating element which has thermal protection against overheating.

The front of the new Cremina features an illuminated operation display for easy usage and the grate and tray are made of high-gloss polished stainless steel for an overall impressive look in any chic kitchen.