Charlize Theron Designs Shoes for Charity

Native South African actress and former model Charlize Theron is stepping up her game and creating footwork to help kids back home in South Africa with a new, limited-edition collaboration with TOMS Shoes.

Beautiful actress Charlize Theron is making the most out of her celebrity status and big heart this holiday season as she helps to design footwear for needy children back in her native South Africa. Theron just debuted a new, limited-edition collaboration with TOMS Shoes which features slip-on sneakers for men and women adorned with an image of an African baobab tree.

Proceeds from the exclusive line of footwear will benefit Theron’s non-profit organization, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, which is dedicated to improving the health, education, and social development of high schoolers in South Africa. In the true spirit of giving, an additional 10,000 pairs of the shoes will directly be given to impoverished children who live in remote communities in South Africa. Theron says, “I’m thrilled to have TOMS Shoes are a partner. We are so grateful for their generous donation of shoes to the students we work with. It’s exciting that we’re able to come together in such a cool and creative way to bring attention to the needs of many South African youth.”

Throughout the month of December, Theron travelled abroad to begin the distribution of the footwear herself in the KwaZulu-Natal Provence. To add even more appeal to the collection, the canvas shoes are eco-friendly.

The shoes are priced at $54 and are available exclusively at TOMS Shoes website.