The 4 Minute Workout Machine That Works

The ROM exercise machine promises to combine all 3 aspects of a complete and well rounded exercise regimen, cardio training, resistance training, flexibility training, in just 4 minutes. Sound too good to be true? Well, its hefty price tag has made many raise eyebrows. It costs $14,615.

The way we see it, this machine only takes up 4 minutes of your time, and is probably the least expensive way to get the health and fitness benefits that are normally obtained from over 90 minutes of exercise per day. If your time is worth at least 5 dollars an hour, then the ROM is an absolute bargain.

So, how does it work? There are two distinct methods to increase calorie consumption through exercise. The one method that is known by most people is to engage in long duration repetitive motion work. The other method is to increase muscle metabolism. A pound of muscle can metabolize an average of about 55 calories per 24 hours, but it will not do that unless stimulated to do so. The muscles can be stimulated to metabolize by stretching them under resistance. The larger the range of motion of the exercise, the larger the amount of muscle cells stimulated. That is exactly what happens during a Yoga or Pilates exercise, stretching under resistance through long ranges of motion. People who practice yoga on a regular basis will always be lean. If you find a fat person who professes to do yoga on a regular basis, you found a liar. However, practicing Yoga or Pilates requires many hours per week, and therefore is as impractical for the average public as 30 to 90 minute exercise routines. In business in Southern California manufacturing and selling machines for 20 years, The ROM is the 4 minute solution to stretch all your muscles through long ranges of motion and in addition, it increases muscle strength and it yields significant cardio benefits.

We recommend that you first rent the ROM for a 30 day trial period. In 30 days you will definitely find out that the ROM works. In addition, you can make sure during the 30 days that you have the discipline to do 4 minutes of exercise per day. For more information, visit their site.