NYC’s Bungalow 8 Re-Opening in 2010

It seems NYC’s nightlife is being exported overseas. We just got wind that Amy Sacco sent an email out last Friday saying, “SAVE FEB FASHION WEEK FOR THE GRAND RE-OPENING OF THE NEW BUNGALOW 8 NYC!” She had to use all caps, because she was screaming it from across the Atlantic, as she is still going strong in London. It appears Manhattan’s party scene is great, even in other countries. Ever since the rumors of Bungalow 8 closing started, Sacco started telling everyone she was just redoing the venue. Hopefully, she’ll go through with it for 2010 as announced.

Also, the Lower East Side’s The Box’s is opening in Moscow, which is supposed to be tamer than the NYC version. Looks we’re exporting NYC fabulous-ness to foreign soil. Let’s hope they enjoy it.

Via: Gawker