Tag Heuer Stands by Tiger Woods, Again

In an odd turn of events, luxury Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer has announced that they will in fact be standing by their brand Ambassador, Tiger Woods. The news comes just days after Tag Heuer publically dropped the professional golfer making everyone scratch their heads in bewilderment.

He loves me, he loves me not. It appears Tag Heuer has been having a tough time deciding what to do about its brand Ambassador, Tiger Woods, since the professional golfer’s personal (and professional) life took a turn for the worst following the recent car crash outside his Florida home and allegations of infidelities.  

Last week Haute Living reported that Tag Heuer had announced that while they will “continue to support Woods’ charitable foundation, they would rather rely on other celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, to be its public face.” This week, they appear to have had a change of heart and publically announced on their website that they “will continue its relationship with Golf number 1, Tiger Woods, but will respect his desire of privacy by modifying his role in the coming months’ marketing programs.”

So which one is it? Well, for the moment, it looks like Woods will still be going to the bank thanks to Tag Heuer, the world famous watch brand he has been a brand ambassador for since 2002.

President and CEO of Tag Heuer additionally said, “The partnership will continue, but we will downsize the use of his image in certain markets for a period of time, depending on his decision about returning to professional golf. We will continue to actively sport the Tiger Woods Foundation.” The website features a large add front and center with Wood’s picture and a message saying, “Tag Heuer Stands With Tiger Woods.” Message received, loud and clear.

It’s getting hard to keep track of who still loves Woods and who is concerned that his new “less than perfect” image could damage their brand. Endorsements have been an incredible part of making Woods’ the billionaire he is today, and as the weeks pass and some pull out and some stand by his side, it’s really anyone’s guess as to who will be supporting Woods by the time this whole mess is over with. Stay tuned—there is bound to be more coming from these neck of the woods.