Apple Looks to Make TV Deal

Two big name corporations are considering participating in Apple Inc.’s plan to offer television subscriptions over the Internet, as Apple prepares an exciting new competitor to cable and satellite TV. Read on to find out who is interested in joining Apple in their latest innovative plan.

It’s not even fair to say, “Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything else, Apple does it again,” because, quite frankly, I think everyone knows Apple is far from putting an end to their wonderfully fun and innovative products and concepts. And that’s perfectly fine, because, clearly, it’s working for them. And the millions of iPhone, iPod, Macbook, and iTouch users around the world seem to be content as well.

 Apple is currently in the process of preparing a potential new competitor to cable and satellite TV with their newly proposed offer to access some TV shows over the internet from a selection of major U.S. networks for a monthly fee. According to reports, broadcasting giants CBS Corp. and Walt Disney Co. are considering participating in Apple’s new plan.

Apple is now pushing to complete all of the licensing deals with hopes to introduce the service in 2010. However, the deal, as it stands now, would not include advertising and there is some hesitation on the part of the networks which seems to stem from concerns over the new service cutting into its revenue from selling bundled TV packages.