Pizza and Cocktails: The Newest San Francisco Hit

Delarosa is a new restaurant that opened up in the Bay Area and it’s the perfect spot for anyone who enjoys a great slice a pizza washed down by an amazing cocktail.

Delarosa is the sister restaurant to last year’s San Francisco success, Beretta. Designed by the Zack de Vito Architecture team, Delarosa is a luxuriously chic space that eloquently pays homage to sophisticated Italian design.

Seating at Delarosa is accommodated by most of the tables being of the communal variety along with a beautiful 12-seater bar that faces the silver beer tap. The restaurant seats 49 and serves primarily pizza, along with other items, in addition to some thirty varieties of beer. The real show stopper, however, is the seasonal cocktail menu. Despite the fact that sipping on martinis while pizza is on your plate may not be your run-of-the-mill dining experience, it’s truly a case of “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,” because Delarosa is quickly gaining momentum, and there’s a reason for it.