$85,000 Dalmore Experience Package

The holidays tend to be a time for giving, but here is one experience package you may just want to keep for yourself. For $85,000 you can experience the once-in-a-lifetime Dalmore Package that includes spending time with third generation Master Distiller Richard Paterson.

 The Dalmore Experience Package is the perfect way to treat yourself this holiday season with the opportunity to taste some of the best bottles of Dalmore whiskies, spend a day with Master Distiller Richard Paterson, and even be one of the few to have a custom-blended bottle of the Whiskey Dalmore.

For $85,000 you can be whisked away on first class transportation (including airfare) to the beautiful Scottish Highlands, enjoy a city and country tour, sleep four nights in a five-star hotel, engage in a private barrel tasting of resting casks, spend a day with Paterson, and obtain a tailor-made bottle of scotch whiskey hand-created by Paterson himself exclusively for you. Paterson will be creating the custom-made bottle for you after spending the day getting to know your personality and preferences, so be sure to stay true to resembling what you like in a stiff drink. You’ll receive the customary bottle in a handmade case a few weeks after you return to reality.