Outdoor Lounging at the Mondrian SoHo

As New Yorker’s grab their scarves and gloves before heading out into the mid-December weather, it’s always nice to look forward and dream about warmer days. Even better is imagining spending those warmer days out at the Mondrian SoHo’s outdoor garden which is designed to be “a lush enchanted garden for social rendezvous.”

While the Mondrian SoHo has been the classic case of “missing the opening date” seen by many hotels, there are fresh reports out that guests will now have to wait even longer, as the opening is now set for Summer 2010. Since there’s not much anyone can do about that, we might as well sit back and ponder the many things the Mondrian SoHo will be able to offer us come summer time.

The hotel will feature a luxurious outdoor garden which will be situated on the Crosby Street side of the building. It is rumored to be quite a spectacular garden area which was designed by architect and interior designer, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. Noriega-Ortiz describes the garden as “a lush enchanted garden designed for social rendezvous; a very whimsical garden.”  The space will feature “52 trees with canvas-awning-covered sofas and cast-stone dining tables with teak chairs” designed by Noriega-Ortiz and fiberglass chairs by Ross Lovegrove. At the moment it is unclear whether or not the garden space will be serving alcohol, as hotel group Morgan’s withdrew their liquor license application in July, although with the pushed back opening date, there still is plenty of time to reapply should they chose to do so. Also outside in the fun and fanciful gardens will be beds provided by the Mondrian SoHo for guests to lounge and relax in optimum comfort.