Swarovski Studded Moet & Chandon

If you’ve already begun to think about your New Year’s Eve celebrations, hold off on purchasing your champagne until you see what Moet & Chandon and Swarovski have created to ring in the New Year. Introducing the “Jewel Jeroboa.”

When it comes to collaborations between two extremely well-known and popular brands, the product is going to either be a successful and exclusive one, or one that no one remembers two weeks later. The new Swarovski studded Moet & Chandon “Jewel Jeroboa” is gearing up to be the highlight of any New Year’s Eve party this year, with guests ringing in 2010 in bejeweled style. Moet & Chandon have a reputation for experimenting with diamonds and crystals as a way of decorating their products, so deciding to use beautiful Swarovski crystals was really only a question of when—and apparently there’s no time like the present.

With New Year’s Eve quickly creeping closer, Moet & Chandon have specially designed limited edition bottles named, “Jewel Jeroboa” that sparkle as light hits the 700 Swarovski crystals. Guaranteed to be a great addition to any party, the bottles are festive and stylish—just like New Year’s Eve should be.