MilkMade and Delivered

A sweet delivery is available for those residing in the East Village, and being dropped at the foot of their door. MilkMade Ice Cream began their delivery service last week with a subscription list of fifty. Currently, the small batch ice cream business hand delivers a pint of their homemade ice cream to the lucky few, but they plan to expand to the rest of New York in the future.

This exclusive ice cream can only be obtained through a three-month subscription of $50. Sourced from local producers the sweet treat is made from high quality ingredients and is preservative free. Diana Hardman, Founder of MilkMade, along with partner Michelle Troung hand churns each pint with tender loving care, and then personally delivers the pints. The subscription offers clients an opportunity to choose from two different flavors each month.

For those seeking out something different from the average ice cream flavor, MilkMade vows to feature only two flavors a month and never repeat them. Among the flavors already created are Chocolate Spice (made from a Chinese five spiced blend), and Ris a la Mande (rice pudding with slivers of almonds).

Sign up for the next round of subscriptions at MilkMade Ice Cream.

Via: NY Grub Street, MilkMade Ice Cream