Money-Loving Drunks

Working in the world of finance can be stressful, sure. And it’s especially stressful when everyone not working in the field criticizes your every move. I’m talking about the men and women of Manhattan’s Wall Street of course, the biggest family of finance-minded human beings and power players in the U.S.’s money-related industry. So how do you think these dollar-loving figures de-stress after an exhausting day of work, after extreme highs and extreme lows? Well, they get drunk of course. Manhattan has a zillion bars, taverns, and restaurants that pour really heavy cocktails for their customers but, there are a select group of  establishments that really give Wall Street’s financial figures a heavy dose of what they need after clocking out-an alcohol-induced escape from their professional woes and worries.

Ulysses Folk House on 95 Pearl St. is a popular spot amongst these common folk, especially in the summer months because of its relaxing outdoor seating area. It’s got somewhat of a preppy vibe but still gives off that authentic pub-like feel. Expensive whiskey anyone? The W Hotel Bar at 201 Park Ave. South is also a popular watering hole if you will, for after work cocktails and meetings. The vibe is pretty formal which makes it even easier to leave straight from work and head on over for a cold one. I can just see it now: grown men drowning their, i-can’t-believe-we-lost-that-much-money-today sorrows and boo-hooing at the bar in worn, wrinkly suits. Not a very nice picture to say the least. I myself prefer loaded glasses of a heavy red wine in the privacy of my own home to de-stress thank you, but, “to each his own” as they say. Another ultra popular spot is Underbar, also on Park Avenue. Here, the vibe is relaxed but still upscale. However, it’s extremely relaxed when you compare the kind of requests that are asked now to the requests made in the distant past. People no longer ask for the $300 shots of Louis cognac like they once did. And forget about multiple people requesting for private bottle service. According to one waitress, the bottle service used to be ordered four or five times a night. Now, the bar is lucky to get even one or two requests. These are just a few spots popular with the banking crowds that are constantly booming with after work business. Others worth mentioning include: The Full Shilling, Cipriani, Rosie O’ Grady’s, Emmet O’ Lunney’s, and both Bobby Van’s locations.

Maybe it’s just the drinker in me but I honestly feel like whether it’s cheap beer or expensive scotch, there will always be a need for alcohol at some point in your life to numb some kind of pain (that sounded really bad but you know what I mean), but if you work in the crazy financial industry that is Wall Street and can’t make it home to begin the drowning of your sorrows or even celebrations, these spots are perfect for your consuming needs. Bartenders beware: heavy drinkers approaching!

Via: Business Insider