Living With Laurent

Ok, so how cool would it be to own a piece of Yves Saint Laurent history? No, I’m not talking about owning one of the designer’s fabulous and flawless evening dresses or anything like that, although yes of course, that is cool. What I’m really speaking of though, is owning a piece of the designer’s own personal collections. Laurent’s art and antique collections were recently auctioned off and are now surely prized possessions of some extremely lucky bidders. But don’t fret just yet because you can still grab a piece of Laurent’s ultra-luxe pie. The designer’s Paris apartment is now up for grabs! Can you even imagine how incredible it would be to call this place home? Talk about being a proud owner! The 5,400 square-foot Paris duplex on Rue de Babylone is officially on the market for anyone with a Laurent hankering. Emily Garcine is the agency handling the property and it’s expected to go for at least $30 million. The duplex includes a beautiful garden and of course, lots of incredible pieces of Yves Saint Laurent history. Fabulous darling, just fabulous.

Via: Luxist