Delarosa Opens in Bay Area

Pizza and beer in style is the name of this game. Going for its third try, sister restaurant to last year’s Bretta has opened its doors to the Bay Area public. Settled on a Chestnut Street Delarosa offers patrons a family style dining atmosphere, all-day Italian cuisine and a spiffy décor courtesy of Zack|de Vito Architecture.

Done in contemporary Italian décor, think Ferrari or Vespa and you have yourself the next venture in San Francisco dining. Long dark wood tables, stainless steal and pendant fixtures help create an urban yet casual atmosphere.

Roman style pizza and signature Italian dished by chef Ruggero Gadaldi are set for the menu. Plus a certified cicerone- beer sommelier made sure to include a total of thirty different beers on tap and in a bottle. Signature cocktails like the Swedish Punch are available for those non-beer drinkers.

Dare I say the next Happy Hour hotspot?

Via: Eater, Daily Candy