Haute Ride: 2010 Audi A8 Finally Revealed

After a much anticipated revealing of the new 2010 Audi A8,  Audi finally showed off it’s newest baby to Miami’s elite on Monday, November 30th in a pavillion created JUST for this event near the Eden Rock Hotel. The structure features ornamental bands stretching around its exterior, and an oversized Venetian screen. It will all be disassembled next week, but Audi has promised to build a children’s playground on the site. The special unveiling event at Design Week in Miami was hosted by Charlie’s Angels star Lucy Lieu, as she introduced Audi execs to discuss elements of the new A8. After Audi’s CEO, Rupert Stadler’s speech, the A8 was unveiled, as the curtains parted to reveal a cavernous hall with drink bars and a collection of contemporary art culled from the Rubell Family Collection.

The event itself was high-maintenance, as guests were served lamb, beef, chicken, tofu, and salmon, had access to a full bar, and were surrounded by the likes of Romero Britto, Sofia Vergara, Ben McKenzie, and Lucy Lieu, to name a few.

In design, the A8 is evolutionary with its fancy new all-LED headlights that look extremely futuristic and it’s spiffy navigation system. The car is built with an aluminum body that is Audi’s sportiest in it’s segment, and it comes with a new 4.2 liter FSI V8 with 372 horsepower, more than the previous A8 while returning 15% better fuel efficiency. Also, it contains an 8-speed automatic transmission, which seems to be the latest craze in luxo-sedans.

Audi is proud of the fact that the A8 is longer and wider than it’s competitors, yet it sits lower. This allows the big sedan to slip through the air with a .26 coefficient of drag. The big car will be sold in regular and biggie sizes when it comes to North America late next year, and a possible hybrid variant may be in the cards.

Via: Auto Industry News