Haute 5 Sushi: LA’s Freshest Cuts

Sushi is arguably Los Angeles’ favorite import from Japan.  It’s a matter of pride when any Angeleno can say they’ve graduated from California rolls to more adventurous pursuits in the world of raw fish – blowfish, anyone?  As a result of our citywide obsession, we can easily boast more mouth-watering sushi spots per capita than any city outside of Tokyo.  (Note: that statistic was not fact checked.) Here, we present the 5 most haute sushi restaurants in LA.


By now this restaurant has been enjoying its status as the height of dining for sushi-inclined locals and visitors for years.  Set conveniently across the way from Tiffany’s in Beverly Hills and on the second floor, Urusawa is known far and wide for the unparalleled freshness and flavor of their fish, the inviting, serene dining room, and their 2 Michelin stars.  An impeccable dining experience to its core, Chef Hiroyuki offers only omakase – or a chef’s menu, and the dishes differ per party.  This is sushi at its most personal, creative, and divine.

Located at 218 N. Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 247-8939