Max Fish Offers Clubhouse Haven for Art Basel Miami

As if it weren’t enough that Miami is flooded with priceless art, worldly travelers and fabulous parties for the rest of the week, Max Fish is bringing some of that colorful, electric New York vibe to Miami as well. In celebration of the bar’s 20-year anniversary, Aaron Bondaroff, Al Moran and Ulli Rimkus (aka O.H.W.O.W) are bringing down some of that famous Max Fish electricity to Art Basel Miami Beach. 

Since it’s opening on December 2, 1989 the bar has become an Institute for the creative minds and the people of the Lower East Side. Having hosted Mark Gonzales and Shawn Mortensen, the list of creative thinkers who have graced this bar with their presence is endless. 

The team will recreate an art installation out of the core elements of the Lower East Side location, into a fully functioning bar space. In the perfect location in downtown Miami, the Max Fish clone is sure to be the prime hangout spot for Art Basel attendees and the creative community during the week. Packed with a full schedule of live bands and dj’s, plus movie screenings in an outdoor space, the bar will also feature artwork by several artists. 

Come in for a drink, dance to the music and look at more art from the long list of featured artists. The opening reception starts on December 2, 2009 at six o’clock at the old PS-14 locale.

Featured Artists Include:

Scott Cambpell, Neckface, Kevin Long Ako & Atiba, Jery Hsu, Theresa Dillon, Jesse Gold, Mr Kiji, Chris Yormick, Andrew Kou, Joaquin Stengleman, Andre Aimi, Judi Rosen, Patrick Graf, Pia Arrabio, Dave Aron, Jason Wright, Cycle, Ivan Rodriquez, Keeva, Isabel Asha Penzlien, Jonthan Meltring, Tony Cox, Alain Levitt, Bobby Puelo, Mark Gonzales, Olga Sophie Kapplen, Steve Powers, John A Grigley, Angela Boatwright, Sally Penn, Thomas Campbell, Scott Lenhart, Brian Deran / Baby Leg, Toben Yelland, Vanessa Salle, Josh Wildman, Wes Lang, Greg Woolard, Wierdo Dave, Brigette Engler, Mike Farmer, John Drury, Royce Meier, Jondra Nolan, Brent Richardson and Leo Fitzpatrick.

Plus A Week Full of Live Performances:

I.U.D. / Silkflowers / Animals Of The Arctic

BARR / Mike Bones / Wilder Zoby (Chin Chin) / Jaccuzzi Boys

Gang Gang Dance / Endless Boogie / Teepee

Special Secret Performance

Resident DJ’s Tim Barber, Leo Fitzpatrick and Benton


Via: Slamxhype