Diamonds (Sapphires, Rubies, et al) Are A Girl’s Best Friends

Assuming you like your friends enough to get them better gifts than Perez Hilton’s newest book, we’d like to point you in the direction of some unique and beautiful jewelry sure to maintain your status as most popular in town.

Based in Stockholm, you can rest assured that you’re Maria Nilsdotter rings will be the only one in the room. With an appreciation for the animal in all of us mixed with a healthy dose of whimsy and gorgeous design, her rings like The Snake Prince, the One of a Kind, and her fabulously huge Broach Ring would all be beautiful on your fingers or those of a (very) good friend.

rsz_mg_2963For your friend who prefers jewelry that would make a maharaja jealous, Badgley Mischka may or may not have designed a line of luxuriously gold and intricate jewelry on sale at Charm and Chain online. Their Navajo Deco Cuff paired with a Deco Collar Necklace, for example, would allow for a very grand entrance whereas the Victorian Pearl Choker alongside some Clear Opera Earrings hark back to another opulent time.

rsz_clients_fv-jewlery_20060118_008_bHailing from New York, Francesca Visconti’s collection of jewelry influenced by the beautiful simplicity of the Mediterranean will make you want to check your reflection in every mirror just to get another glimpse of those earrings—not that you needed another reason. Designed with rich colors and gold accents, her designs look good on just about everyone and her cocktail rings fitted with large stones (the kind you prefer, really) will garner oohs and aahs wherever you go.

Oops! Our mistake, these were supposed to be gifts for your friends!