EPIC Hotel NOT Responsible for Legionaire’s Disease Death

Recently, we reported about the tragic death of a European tourist staying at the EPIC hotel in Brickell and were informed that it was due to Legionaire’s Disease acquired at EPIC’s restaurant, Area 31. However, it looks like they weren’t responsible. The EPIC Hotel and Residences in Miami has been cleared by the Miami-Dade Health Department, and they insisted that the EPIC Hotel had nothing to do with the fatality of the foreigner who stayed at the hotel earlier this fall. Apparently, the source of the illness came from somewhere else although the health department confirms that the investigation is still in process.

The department did admit that tests were still being conducted on the hotel, as two other hotel guests were also sick, but as for right now, there is no definitive report out on whether it had anything to do with the EPIC hotel or its restaurant. The hotel is still closed to guests until the health department’s investigation is complete.

Via: Hotel Chatter