Cipriani Tradition Does Miami

New hotels and resorts are nothing new to the Miami scene. A new hotel is like finding a yellow cab in New York.  However, there is a new project in the works and this one might actually peak some interest.

After much success in New York, Giuseppe Cipriani is going on another business venture and creating hotel/condo right where the Saxony used to stand. A true taste of old school luxury, the Cipriani plans to bring back a luxury of that 1930s Cipriani style to the beach.

The resort portion of the project is set to house 209 fully furnished suites. Guests will enjoy an impressive 600 feet of pristine beach front space, not to mention a spa, fitness center, pools and a number luxurious amenities. The idea is to bring the world famous Lido Resort tradition to Miami. And what a treat that will be.  Not only will the allure of old resort but also a world renowned Cipriani restaurant and grand ballroom will grace the trendier Miami strip.  The interiors will be made by none other than Michele Bonan, interior designer of the Ferragamo Hotels.

For those who are looking for something more permanent the Ciparini Ocean Resort and Club Residences will have two and three bedroom condo units available for sale.  The residences are currently prices at $700,000 per unit and residents will be able to enjoy a private resident-only pool.  Guest will also get to enjoy some amazing views, the structure lies on a topographical curve, giving all but two lonely rooms, breathtaking ocean views.

No doubt this hotel will be all about luxury. I’d be interesting to see if the glamour and style of the 1030s beach resort can be revived, this time with a modern touch. The resort is scheduled to open summer 2010 and like the tradition of Harry’s, expect nothing but a resort done in true Cipriani tradition, “to do the simplest things, perfectly.”

Via: Hotel Chatter, Cipriani Miami