Clubbing With Amnesia

All you clubbers out there, get suited up in your best club gear-professional club extraordinaire duo, Joe and Felix are bringing a new addition to the New York club scene.  Amnesia is the newest venture by the two, the old home old home of Ruby Falls and Sol at 299 West 29th Street. The giant warehouse has awesome features such as 45-foot ceilings, a massive open dance floor, and an even more killer light show. But the only way Amnesia is going to succeed and stand out amongst the rest of the other New York clubs is if it is a complete and utter success. And not like, kind of successful. No slow starts and gradually gaining popularity. No, unfortunately that won’t work with this location. Why? Well, for starters, the club has a maximum capacity of 1,100. So, having only 100 people inside just isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid. But, if Joe and Felix handle Amnesia anything like they have their Harlem club Body, which they are currently renovating to make even more grandiose and hip, then Amnesia’s success should come pretty naturally. Usually within New York’s late night club scene, this is how it goes: you build a club and they will surely come. But only time will tell whether or not Amnesia will be a true hit. But one thing is certain-all of the ravers, late night partiers, drug-loving boozers, and plain old crazy dance enthusiasts will soon let us all know.

Via: NY Grubstreet