Men Will SQOOM At the Latest In Anti-Aging Products

Hey buddy, your wrinkles are showing. Not to worry, looks like the Germans have got you covered and in luxury nonetheless. Out on the market for those gentlemen who have taken some pride in their appearance and those metro men we have come to love, SQOOM Luxury by Schick Medical GmbH is now available.

The handy tool reduces the tattletale signs of aging in the palm of your hand. This gadget comes complete with a treatment program that includes: cleansing, massage, nutrition, lifting, whitening and wrinkle care. Who needs a surgeon? With its “ionsation” and ultrasound technology the hand held device aids in improving the elastin and collagen production in your own skin.

For $1,845 you can get the luster of your infant days without ever leaving your humble abode and the base stand comes adorned with Swarovski crystals.  Pretty fancy stuff.

Via: Luxury Launches, Red Ferret