Dykstra’s Patek Philippe For Sale

The entrepreneur and former athlete Lenny Dykstra is trying to raise a little money by selling off some of his prized possessions, with all the bankruptcy issues he’s had to deal with. Patrizzi & Co.‘s Dec. 14th Exceptional Watchmaking Masterpieces auction in NYC is including Dykstra’s 18K white gold Patek Philippe. Watch enthusiasts are already buzzing. Made in 2004, the fine and rare annual calendar timepiece shows the phases of the moon and has a power reserve indicator, and is estimated to cost between $28,000-$ 35,000. The winning bidder will receive the watch along with a photograph of Dykstra playing with the New York Mets. The auction is also including two major pieces of Dykstra sporting memorabilia: a 1986 New York Mets World Series trophy and plaque ($18,000-$25,000) and a Silver Slugger Award from 1993 with a Louisville Slugger bat and National League Player of the Week 1990 plaque ($12,000-$16,000). It appears his losses will be a few winning bidders’ gains.

Via: Luxist