Like Birds of a Feather

Griffin Technology and Threadless have teamed up to create two special iPhone cases based on popular shirts—meaning iPhone-lover’s can now have their most valuable gadget match their haute attire.

 While some people buy iPhone cases to protect one of the most prized gadgets out there, others buy trendy cases to make a statement. The iPhone case business is certainly one of those businesses we wish we had thought of, but alas, we didn’t, so we’ll have to settle with enjoying the endless creations the actual creators put out there on the market to protect our little iPhones.

Making your iPhone stand out can be difficult when each of us either owns one ourselves or knows at least 20 people who do. But Griffin Technology and the User Generated Content fashionable shirt maker Threadless have joined forces to offer iPhone users two special cases based on popular t-shirts. Matching wallpaper for your iPhone is available too because, let’s face it, if you’re going to match, you might as well be consistent.

The first design (pictured) is called “Birds of a Feather” and features Griffin’s super-thin and soft blue rubberized exterior iPhone case with a new design by Ross Zietz. The second design is called “Clouds Within the Thunder” which was designed by Joe Van Wetering and features a stylized thunder bolt on a yellow version of the case.

Each case costs $34.99, and matching shirts cost $18 apiece. The cases can be ordered online, but they are also sold at select Apple stores.

Via: Luxist