The F-Cell Roadster: Mercedes Bendz Latest Invention

Futuristic in concept yet traditional in design, the latest vehicle from Mercedes Benz pays homage to the first gasoline-powered automobile. In terms of function, the F-Cell uses an emission-free fuel cell system and is fitted with a 1.2kW hybrid drive that allows it to reach a top speed of 15mph and an operating range of 217 miles. Yet it is from the design standpoint that the vehicle is truly exceptional: The F-Cell manages to successfully incorporate the style of the original Benz Patent Motor car with seating and a fiberglass section taken from Formula One race cars.

More than 150 trainees of Daimler AG and dual education system students working for almost a year on the concept are the ones responsible for the successful creation of such a unique invention. Mercedes admits that the project was intended just as a trainee program and will not go into production. It has nevertheless opened a debate as to the future of automobile design. Without question the F-Cell has underlined the importance of sustainability and renewable power over speed. The future of car design might need to be approached differently and it is this new style and concept that might look back to the origins of Mercedes Benz.