San Francisco Strikes Again

If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend filled with top-notch service, I’d think twice about visiting some large San Francisco hotels.

Last weekend, Unite Here union workers staged a three-day protest in front of the glamorous Grand Hyatt San Francisco hotel to voice their ongoing protests against hotel negotiations. Upset, in part, because they have been working without a new contract since August, the hotel workers are particularly upset about the state of their health care. To be fair…who isn’t upset about the state of their health care?

Moving on, hotel workers have repeatedly gone on strike over the negotiations for the past few years (yes, years) and now other hotel workers are catching the strike bug and taking to the streets as well. Disgruntled workers from the renowned Palace Hotel, which is part of Starwood’s Luxury Collection, staged a three-day strike at a time when the hotel was at 100 percent occupancy. I can just about hear the General Manager losing his cool from here. It’s reported that an astounding 9,000 unionized workers in 62 San Francisco hotels are being affected by the strikes and ongoing contract negotiations.

Our best advice: switch to a boutique hotel until things cool down. They tend to have fewer rooms, meaning less people to hear the protests, something strikers do not necessary like and will tend to avoid, meaning you’ll have plenty of that peace and quiet you were looking for.

Via: Hotel Chatter