No More Boom in the Room

We’ve all heard great things about The Standard’s Boom Boom Room in New York. The atmosphere, the views, the service, and everything else involved is said to be off the charts amazing. But what have we heard about the hours, or as recently surfaced, the lack thereof? Well until now, not so much. But an ugly little secret has recently reared its head, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of guests who were once intrigued but, after hearing the news, now may be thinking twice about making a visit.

Apparently, even if you’ve booked a room and are a staying and more importantly, a paying guest, at The Standard, you have very limited access to the Boom Boom Room. And by limited access, I mean only five hours. Absolutely no schmoozing or crossing paths with celebrities and the rest of the ultra fabulous world is allowed. And even if you weren’t trying to sneak a peek at the celeb clientele and legitimately just wanted to enjoy your lavish surroundings with a few cocktails, you can forget about it. From the ten o’ clock hour on, the lounge is left for private parties and nothing else, no ifs, ands or buts. No word on whether someone will actually force or escort you to your room or not, but this time constraint brings a whole new meaning to the term “exclusive,” and not in a good way. I mean if The Standard wants to make their clientele to the Boom Boom Room that exclusive, just make the whole damn hotel that exclusive, aka, not open to the public, like, whatsoever. Because I’m sorry but if I’m being honest here, this whole Boom Boom Room hours of operation is a joke. It’s a stupid concept, a stupid tactic, and a stupid idea overall. The Standard has just dropped several, no, make that many multiple levels in my book and surely in a lot of other peoples’ as well. Pretty disappointing from a hotel that once had so much potential to be the favorite hotel of people everywhere, certainly for the ones who actually already had the pleasure of staying there. Because now, it’s no longer a pleasure, it’s more like a headache and hassle. Thanks, but no thanks.

Via: Hotel Chatter