Lamborghini Moves up a Gear with Urus Model

“Competition” is possibly one of the most invigorating words in the English language. It what makes the free world go round, whilst being the embodiment of winners, losers, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Healthy rivalry made America great.

I once had a rival. He took my beer, my girlfriend, my shoes, and my car. Losing something I couldn’t replace hurt, but taking another man’s beer, that was really low. I actually enjoyed having a rival, as he eventually arrived at a sticky end while trying to drive my car in my ill-fitting shoes. Ultimately, everything worked out.

Speaking of driving, the hottest rivalry in the motoring world has just moved up a gear, as once again Lamborghini announces a new car to challenge the latest and greatest from Ferrari. These two companies are huge competitors and thus ensure that bigger and better vehicles roll off their respective assembly lines each year.
Lamborghini is developing a new model named the Urus, to compete with Ferrari’s next Enzo model. The Urus will have a fully modified carbon fiber body and will come with active aerodynamics. This new model is thought to be a step above the soon to be released Lamborghini Jota.

The Urus will come equipped with a 6.0 liter V12 engine. As a result of the 800 horse power, the machine is expected to reach 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds. This luxurious vehicle will definitely make the freeway more Haute!

The Urus is expected to be launched in 2011 and out on the roads by 2012. I learned how to drive in a car that did 0-50 km/h in about 45 minutes, so I can only imagine getting behind the wheel of this baby. Go on, treat yourself!

To find out more, visit the Lamborghini site.

Via: Luxury Launches