Kings of Leon Do Fashion

In the last year or so, Kings of Leon has hit the popularity ground running. Their powerhouse hits, Sex on Fire and Use Somebody have been tearing up the charts since their releases, and the band has been on constant replay on iPods all across the country. But truth be told, the band had been around for quite some time before, releasing their first album Youth and Young Manhood in 2003. So they certainly didn’t first burst out onto the popular music mainstream scene. Instead, they somewhat quietly traipsed through the scene, slowly getting their names out and letting their sound catch on. Today, Kings of Leon has just as much airtime and radio play as many other super groups and top artists. Their touring schedules are slammed, and their fans are dedicated to say the least. But now, the men who compose the group can add something new to their accomplishment roster: full-blown, legit clothing designers.

But we’re talking couture here. Instead, their collection includes patched jeans, a black leather jacket, flannel shirts, a red bandana and black fedora; the kind of collection that screams hillbilly rock & roll. And describing it as “hillbilly” is not so far off considering the men stem from the countrified, backwoods hills of Tennessee. The line was created in collaboration with Paris-based fashion collective Surface to Air and is scheduled to hit stores in December, perfect timing to have one heck of a countrified Christmas. Except for one thing, the collection won’t be hitting multiple stores. It will actually only be available in one store-a store located in Copenhagen. I’m not so sure why Copenhagen would be the “obvious choice.” It’s definitely not so obvious to me, but the name of the city is fitting I guess. You know, Copenhagen, as in the chewing tobacco? Leave it to those hillbilly-chic boys from Tennessee to create something so, well, kind of strange. Flannel is still hot, I guess, and the black leather jacket will always be a classic staple. But I am wondering one thing here-where is the bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey? Perhaps you get free mini bottles with each purchase.

Via: Luxist