A BEE-A-UTIFUL Gift Fit For A Queen

Judith Leiber, Hollywood’s most beloved luxury brand for the past 50 years that is synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication has launched a new Holiday 2009 collection. The brand is most famous for their shiny handbags and minaudières (small ornamental cases for cosmetics, jewelry, and/or personal items). Each and every one of Judith Leiber’s items have the reputation of always paying meticulous attention to detail with their flawless hand-made craftsmanship, and have continuously re-defined accessories with products that are always at the very cutting edge of fashion. In addition to designing handbags and minaudières, the company also produces eyewear, fur, and cashmere accessories.

For the most affluent spenders, one of her featured holiday gift items, the Beehive, has been creating a lot of “buzz.” The very impressive bee-hive-shaped minaudière with jeweled bee accents, top snap closure, and 13” chain is an exquisite piece that will undoubtedly attract the Hollywood glitterati like bees to honey. The trendy accessory promises to turn heads with its dark camel-colored sparkles. Its beautiful detailing and two bejeweled bees give the piece an exceptional look and appeal. Priced at $5,600, this exquisite bejeweled minaudière is available here.

Along with the Beehive, all of Judith Leiber’s designs are part of the collections at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Los Angeles Museum of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and The Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Almost every First Lady dating back to 1963 has carried these custom-made bags to the U.S. Presidential Inauguration ceremonies, making it a truly iconic American brand.

Via: Luxury Launches, Judith Lieber