Haute Accessory: Swarovsky Crystal iPhone Cover

I once had the iPhone 3G, decked it out with swarovsky crystals, added thousands of music hits and applications, and sold it for +$600 on eBay. This, however, will make my winning bidder feel bad, and not because the following case is more costly, but because it looks much nicer than mine ever did, and costs a fraction of that price. Enter what can look like the most expensive iPhone case to date. It will appeal to your pocket, and is as luxurious as it gets. Truly regal, this cover from Ultra Case is known as the Luxury Edition Royal Crown iPhone case. For those who love to flaunt their posh lifestyle, this is definitely perfect. It features a heart shaped artificial crystal surrounded by Swarovski Crystals. There is a crystal studded crown on top of the heart shaped crystal that gives this case a royal appeal. Dazzling in a golden color, this case will only send you back $180.

Via: Ultra Case, Luxury Launches