What Time Is It? Chanel Time!

Swiss watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet has formed quite the working relationship with none other than Chanel. What perfect timing! The latest J12, named the Chanel-AP 3125, will be the brand’s revitalization, with accents and amenities that truly take it to the pinnacle of timepieces.

Formulated of 18k white gold and ceramic, the Chanel branding is clear, and stated simply in the color. Noir Intense, like Chanel mascara, is the shade of this decadent and luxurious accessory. Equipped with three hands for time-telling, the interior workings of the watch have been revamped in gold, crowned with black ceramic. Très Chanel.  Ceramic accents are nestled throughout the watch, from the dial, to the wrist bracelet, and on the watch case; and have been cut and treated with the delicacy and devotion of a diamond or ruby from the French fashion house.  Similarly, in classic Chanel style, there are a limited number of these luxurious pieces. Five, to be exact.  An additional style, the Haute Joallerie, comes with a similar architecture but the ceramic is substituted with diamonds—43 carats of them.

Though the models are distinguishably different, they both reek of status and luxury, and are proof that the Swiss and the French can get along quite nicely.

Via: Just Luxe