French Royalty to Land in New York

It won’t be long now. The fateful day that has nothing to do with the holidays is quickly approaching, and while we might be tempted to wait for it with breath that is bated, doing so would actually defeat the whole purpose of inhaling the deliciously intoxicating fumes. Well, fumes might be quite the gauche word to use in describing the brand that will soon be occupying 794 Madison Ave. at 67th Street in New York City in mid-December.

Creed (the fragrance, of course, not the band) has been sniffed on the necks and wrists of some of the most revered members of history’s greatest royal courts and will soon be opening its only North American boutique, just in time for its loyal fans, including P. Diddy and First Lady Michelle Obama, to stuff the stockings of every lucky duck on their list.

In addition to storming our stateside shores, the Parisian company also decided that while holding onto their heritage, it was time to join the rest of us in the digital world and launched their online store yesterday, processing their first order at midnight. offers free shipping, samples with purchase, a newsletter, and fragrance selection advice.

The company reports to be the only privately held luxury fragrance dynasty in the world, with a treasured history that dates back to 1760. The ultra-private client list is filled with the likes of 10 royal houses, and is kept closely guarded by the powers that be, which consists of the sixth generation to lead the house, master perfumer Oliver Creed, working alongside his son Erwin, 28.