The Ritz-Carlton Introduces New Way of Luxury

Love The Ritz-Carlton and its posh amenities but tired of the same old, dare I say, boring U.S locations? As of December 22, you will have the opportunity to enjoy everything wonderful that The Ritz has always offered but in more unique, natural, and extremely exclusive settings. The first property to open in The Ritz’s new Reserve collection of small-scale, boutique-style hotels is in breathtaking Krabi, Thailand, a location known for its wondrous and mind-boggling natural settings. The Ritz’s new home, more specifically along Krabi’s Phulay Bay, is surrounded by rocky forests, hidden waterfalls, sandy beaches, and everything else beautiful nature has to offer halfway around the world.  “We want guests to enjoy and discover the extraordinary diversity and beauty in this part of the country in a setting of relaxation and rejuvenation,” says Estelita Sebeto, the resort’s general manager.

And when Sebeto talks of diversity, he’s not exaggerating. You can fill your days while staying here by meditating with local monks, taking a ride on a wild elephant, and enjoying sea plane-guided tours of the Phulay Bay coast.  And when you’ve had enough “getting back to nature,” and exploring Thailand’s incredible history and surroundings, feel free to visit the hotel’s luxury spa, ESPA, where you can begin the relaxation and rejuvenation part of your stay.

So basically, The Ritz is genius. They have expertly figured out a way to combine the best of both worlds – giving you an unforgettable opportunity to experience some of the world’s most natural, sometimes rugged elements while still maintaining that luxurious way of living. Just because you’re hiking through the forests of Thailand and chanting with Thai monks doesn’t mean you can’t rest on 1,200-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets while sipping a glass of Champagne at the end of the day. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “roughing it,” and I can’t think of any better way to spend this kind of exploratory vacation.