Burj Dubai Opening Delayed Again

Considered to be the tallest building in world, Adrien Smith’s Burj Dubai has yet to fully welcome the public into its spiraling tower. The Burj, which means “tower” in Arabic, is located at the heart of the $20 billion flagship downtown development next to Dubai’s main business district and has been set to open numerous times over the last few months. We were told a little while ago it would open September, then in early December, and now the latest announcement says it will open on January 4th to mark the day when Dubai Ruler Shiekh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum took office four years ago.

The design of the Burj Dubai is based on an abstracted desert flower native to the region. There are also subtle references to Islamic architecture seen in the building’s silhouette particularly when looking up from the base. The top of the building will have a public observation deck as well as a private club just above. Italian fashion company Giorgio Armani is also set to offer establish flagship hotel in the Burj Dubai which will be the world’s first hotel opened under the Armani Hotels & Resorts portfolio.