Thanksgiving at the Standard Hotels in Los Angeles

Some of us are infamous for our last minute planning—but don’t fret, if you still have no idea what to do tonight for Thanksgiving and you’d like to avoid the insanity of grocery stores today, head over to one of two Standard Hotels in Los Angeles and let them do all the turkey work for you.

If you’re one of those people who is always told to be at a meeting point an hour before the actual meeting time, just so you’ll actually be there on time, then you’re probably also someone who is great at making last minute holiday plans. We know how it feels—the holidays just seem to roll around too quickly these days and planning somehow gets lost in the business of everyday life. Well, don’t worry, we have some last minute Thanksgiving plans that will ensure you are able to enjoy the day without all of the planning hassles your more “organized” friends experienced.

If you’re looking to hit the town tonight for the Thanksgiving holidays—either instead of, or after a few hours spent updating family members on why you’re not married yet, don’t have kids yet, or still haven’t found that ideal career—then listen up.

Both Los Angeles locations of the Standard Hotel are offering Thanksgiving activities that will allow you to eat as much as you want and stay out as late as you want, without the typical ‘round the family table’ drama. Dinner is served to individuals who have left planning until the last minute, or left it out all together, and you’ll even be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable rates offered for their prixe-fixe menus.

The Standard Downtown LA will be hosting a rooftop party starting at 9pm tonight with Oliver Chico (also known as DJ Twist) headlining the musical entertainment. Before you hit the roof though, grab a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all of the delicious fixings (including pumpkin pie!) for just $40 per person. If you’re planning on dancing off your turkey dinner into the wee hours of the night, rates at the hotel start at a very tempting $120.

Over at the Standard Hollywood, you can grab a three-course turkey dinner for just $25 per person, and replacing your grandma’s dining room table, guests who enjoy this offer will be served their dinner out by the hotel pool. Thanksgiving seems to be the holiday that just keeps on giving. Rates at this location start at $160.

And somehow, last minute planning seems to pay off yet again.

Via: Hotel Chatter