A Chanel-Style Celebration

Chanel recently celebrated the reopening of its new Peter Marino-designed San Francisco boutique by throwing a super chic party at its Maiden Lane location. The sexy soiree was hosted by socialites and fashion enthusiasts, Vanessa Getty and Samantha Traina. Though the party kept with Chanel’s classic theme of sleek and beyond haute, it also took on a fun and flirty vibe, encompassing a nightclub feel, complete with huge tents and silver walls. Immaculate haute couture gowns flown in from Paris were prominently displayed for the Chanel-clad crowd who more than happily soaked it all in.

“San Francisco is very fashion-aware,” said Peter Marino, the world-famous architect and interior designer who does all of Chanel’s stores worldwide. “The people are extremely educated in fashion. They know just as much as anyone in New York City or Paris.” But then again, how could they not with Chanel representatives on hand like Sigrid De l’Epine, Angela Dotson, Barbara Cirkva, and Anne Wagner, who were all present at the party. Also present were actress Maria Bello, model Maggie Rizer, Mayor Newsom, Danielle Steele, Jennifer Newsome, and many, many others. Someone who chose not to make an appearance though, which isn’t so surprising, is the genius himself, Karl Lagerfeld. But really, can you blame him? The legend that is Karl Lagerfeld was probably busy at work, already designing next season’s collection, at least we can only hope so. Directing a gargantuan fashion powerhouse leaves little to no time to attend boutique openings, this is understandable, sure. So, if that leaves us an excuse to party and celebrate even harder in his name, all while adorned in Chanel garments and other Chanel fabulosities, well, I think I speak on behalf of all Chanel lovers when I say, that is perfectly fine with us.