Las Vegas City Center Sets to Open High Risk Complex

Sin city as it is affectionately referred to, is about to offer a more high tech, lavish array of adult attractions.  The new CityCenter will bring about a half-dozen towers, which will add a futuristic looking of playing on the strip. Resting on 67 acres of land the project will include a variety of entertainment venues, such as casinos, shopping, spas, hotels, restaurants and even high-rise condos, everything a high roller needs for some desert fun.

The project costing $8.5 million dollars is set to open in stages; starting Dec. 1 with the Vdara resort/condo. A big gamble considered by some, MGM Mirage- casino/resort giant and Dubai World-a United Arab Emirates firm that invest in various properties- are against some tough odds. Already over budget by $1.2 billion and set to open in a bad year for Vegas tourism, which earlier was down by 4.7%, reported the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, critics wonder how the complex will do against the shaky economic backdrop.

CityCenter CEO, Bobby Baldwin, is confident in the project’s success. The multiplex is designed for the high roller who has seen it all, investors remain optimistic on the success of the project, which is expected to produce 12,000 new jobs and bring a cultural appeal to the party capital of the country.

CityCenter will bring a whole new take on Las Vegas vacation. The flashing lights and glitz that has made Vegas so famous will be replaced by natural, eco-friendly construction efforts with flair for art. Established architects such as Cesar Pelli and New York’s Rockwell Group designed the project with art installations rather than spewing volcanoes and theme park style attractions. The originality comes from the various styles of architecture involved. And a unique take on luxe vacation, including a forest theme casino, Mayan river themed coffee shops and innovative spa’s that include sauna-like salt block rooms and heated stone chaise lounges. No chain restaurants and adult Disney themes here, this complex is for a more sophisticated palate.

Already set to open, the Vdara is offering incredible low rates for the month of December, some rooms starting at $129. The verdict is still out on where the new design concept will attract or deter guests, one thing is certain the strip will never be the same again.

Via: USA Today