The Reason WHY

Established in June 2008, the joint venture between high-fashion brand Hermès and megayacht company Wally resulted in WHY, Wally Hermès Yachts.  Today, WHY is redefining the art of living on the sea by bringing together the daring authenticity and shared values of both brands.

The triangle-shaped WHY, which measures 190 feet by 125 feet, was created by a strong design, engineering, and naval architecture team. The respectable Norwegian Ramform hull was chosen for adaptation to the WHY project, and the underlying credo of “form-equals-function” was born. This philosophy led the way for major innovations in the megayacht world with open patios filling the interior with natural sunlight, photovoltaic panels on the glass hull sides as well as on the roof opening, an 80-foot-long, forward-end swimming pool that hugs a helipad, and an incredible 120-foot beach on the aft deck. The main floor also features a naturally lit spa, screening room, music room, and dining room that opens to the sea. The 2,100-square-foot master suite covers the entire third floor of the craft, with an expansive outdoor patio, and five guest suites are located on the second floor.

The motor yacht was also designed to have the lowest environmental impact possible. Its diesel-electric propulsion is the most efficient motorization today and allows the WHY to require less power at cruising speed than any other yacht of equal size. Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès, said that WHY’s relationship with the sea must be “respectful and easy.” That has been accomplished whilst also achieving the epitome of sea-living luxury.