Yamaha AvantGrand

The AvantGrand is the world’s first “hybrid” piano that not only effectively simulates the sound of a concert grand, but also actualizes the physical connection a pianist has with their instrument—previously only possible on one of the acoustic variety. It isn’t simply about tickling the keys and making a nice sound. It involves vibrations and feedback from the piano, so that you become one with the instrument and the music-making experience.

Available in two contemporary styles—the N3 grand and the N2 upright—the AvantGrand pianos feature exquisite craftsmanship, cabinetry, and detailing while offering a highly affordable option—less than $20,000—to music lovers who have dreamt of owning and playing the ultimate concert grand in their homes.

The piano combines state-of-the-art sound sampling technology, an ingenious speaker system, and an array of actuators that reproduce a piano’s acoustic vibrations. On the AvantGrand N3, four speakers are strategically located in the same positions as the four microphones used to sample the source instrument, and two resonators reproduce the buildup of sound that a concert pianist hears and feels. What’s more, the specialized pedal duplicates the sensation of a grand piano as faithfully as possible. The AvantGrand debuted earlier this year with Alicia Keys, and just began shipping to stores across the country.