Telling Time in Style

From any angle you look at it, the new Corum Golden Tourbillon Panoramique Sapphire Watch is an impressive piece of work. I mean this quite literally and figuratively. When you consider the amount of time and hard work put into manufacturing this luxury item, your appreciation for the beauty of the Corum time-teller will naturally skyrocket.

The watch case is 18k white gold and has a total of 309 diamonds veiling almost the entire surface. This is impressive, sure. Diamonds were created to impress. It’s impossible to resist the beauty of a perfectly cut, crafted, and clear diamond.  But to be quite frank, there are an endless amount of other watches and pieces out there that contain the same quantity and quality of diamonds, if not more. What really makes the Corum unique are the 5 synthetic sapphire crystals prominently displayed across the movement mainplate and bridges. It is extremely difficult to work with these sapphires, especially when dealing with the tiny, precise mechanics and measurements, you would recognize just how special this piece is and how much of an envy and stir it’s sure to cause.

The synthetic crystals are beyond fragile, meaning that the actual process of manufacturing the pieces and fitting them to size, shape, and design is an incredible skill. Handling of this fragile material can easily cause stress, creating cracks, splits, breaks, and overall destruction. But, if the sapphire crystals can make it through this strenuous beginning process, the chances of breaking after it’s finished are slim to none.

What makes this piece even more unique is that movement is a manually wound tourbillion-based movement with a very impressive 90 hours of power reserve. All things considered, this is clearly more than just a watch, it’s a statement. It’s a bold and envious statement that screams, “look at me!” There is no denying how much we love that attention. So next time someone asks you for the time, don’t just flash them your typical watch, flash them your Corum.

Via: Luxist