Ready, Set, Wear: Spring 2010 with Louis Vuitton

And you thought 70s-style afro wigs would only be hip for Halloween? Not so declared Marc Jacobs with his Spring 2010 collections. In early October, the young protégé of the silver screen’s devil in designer stilettos sent a myriad of models down the Louis Vuitton runway decked out in a variation of cuts from the decade of disco. While some fashion editors described the show as confusing and in desperate need of cohesiveness, in the end, many reveled in the looks that ranged from hippie to European vagabond to cyber punk.

Jacobs, an elite member of the Haute 100 in New York, described his inspiration for the collection as “about travelers—the movement that came after punk. Then we were thinking about hiking, trekking, and then denim and parkas—city utilitarianism.” Shorts for cycling, neon colors, demin, and army inspired looks, and fringed edges define the collection, which also showcased accessories that would make young girls squeal like toggles, tassels, and fur tails.

Via, Luxury Insider